Christian Trust Belgrade

What is HUB?

HUB is non-governmental and an non-profit association of people from different Christian denomination and ethnic groups together in order to:

  • Help the poor by raising, importing and distributing the humanitarian aid.
  • Educate through courses, seminars, conferences, excursions, camps and publishing literature.
  • Encourage people to read and study the Holy Scriptures and apply its principles daily.
  • Organize cultural and artistic events.
  • Offer possibilities to make contacts and friendships between Serbian people and people from other countries.
  • Work on developing peace and tolerance among people regardless of religious, national, political or other views.

Who are the HUB?

The association consists of people from different churches who honestly believe in Jesus Christ revealed in the Holy Scriptures. They are voluntary members of the Association and as Christians they believe they should actively participate in the welfare of the society they are part of, and which they deeply respect.

The HUB history

Since then about 2500 people from other countries visited Serbia and Montenegro. Many of them stayed at homes of people around Novi Sad. They now list Serbia among favourite coutnries they visited, and they present our country in a very positive light in their countries.

Christian Trust Belgrade moved to Zrenjaninski put bb, Japanski cvet, 11213 Belgrade, and registered with the authorities of SCG in 2003.

What are HUB’s plans for the future?

HUB is planning a various spectrum of activities including:

  • Distributing humanitarian aid to refugees’ camps in Belgrade, Pancevo and Fruska gora.
  • Hosting new visitors from abroad.
  • Organizing conferences and courses in the HUB building.

HUB wants what is best for Serbia and it is open to suggestions how it can serve the society more effectively.