Christian Trust Belgrade

The HUB is situated in a beautiful, peaceful area north of the capital city. The School is a part of the HUB – Christian Trust Belgrade, and our prayer is that it may be useful tool and a blessing for the churches in this area.

The Bible course is for all the people who are devoted to studying the Bible and sharing the Good News about the love of the Lord Jesus in mission fields around us, in Serbia, Montenegro, and other countries in the region. It is an intensive course, full of challenges and it gives:

  • a possibility to study the whole Holy Scriptures
  • an opportunity for a practical mission experience
  • a life in a fellowship with others who are also devoted to follow the risen Lord Jesus Christ and to serve him

Since we started the course in 1996 almost 170 people with different life stories finished one-year course and are now serving in their local churches and society throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia…

I am so glad I could study in the Bible School. I left it with a vision, knowledge and greater closeness to Jesus Christ…

To come closer to Christ and allow him to prepare us for the life which will reflect his love.
Our prayer is to see students come closer to God while studying here, and be better equipped to share the Good News about the Lord Jesus with others in our surrounding area.

The Bible is God’s word, alive, and active. While we are exposed to its power God’s Spirit is changing us, teaching us, shaping us and preparing us for the mission.

Excellent Teachers of the Bible

We have excellent teachers of the Bible from all around the world. During three terms of the course they teach from all the books of the Bible. Some teachers speak Serbian, and others are translated into Serbian. Some are teachers, some are professors of theology, some are pastors, and some are missionaries. All of them are well-known for teaching precisely and accurately, believing in the full authority of the Holy Scriptures and the power of the Holy Spirit who is helping us understand it.

Beside the classic techniques of teaching, there are also workshops, and other creative ways of teaching that are meant to enhance the students’ skills as a part of their preparation for work and communication with people.

Serving Local Churches

In everything we do, we cooperate with the local churches. Our prayer is to support the churches by offering the Bible course to anyone they decide to send to our School. We also pray that the student, after having finished the school may be used in a church as a helper in the existing ministry or to start a new ministry, or a new church.

Can I study there?

The course is created as an introduction to Bible and a preparation for mission, and therefore is for people who have already given their lives to Jesus Christ to serve him. It is for the people who believe that everyone needs Christ. It is also necessary that every individual who would like to study here has already shown obedience to Lord Jesus in his church and surrounding area, and that he is baptized.

The course is for people who are ready to be challenged by intensive study, mission fields full of adventures and a life of joy, humility and fellowship with other brothers and sisters who are also attending the Bible course. The level of the course is that of the first year of the college.

Every exam, both written and oral, is taken in Serbian language.

Students are usually enrolled for all three terms. Every term has ten weeks and one third of the Bible is being studied during that period. The course has been carefully planned so that a student may start the course in January, April or October.

If you are praying for coming here to study, share it with others and contact us. We will be glad to answer all your questions, and send you the enrolment form.

Download the enrollment form

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