Christian Trust Belgrade

First year

The first-year school curriculum includes an examination of every book of the Bible, practical
mission experience and studying systematic theology.

Central subjects are all the books of the Bible, systematically taught by the teachers. During this time, students take part in: around 1000 hours of lectures, write essays on every Bible book and on topics like spiritual growth and ministry, complete 6 written exams on the Bible books, prepare 6 psalms for public presentation and read compulsory literature.

This is a very intensive programme that demands a lot of work, but which is created so that the student gets a wider insight into the message of the Bible, so that he is able to pass it on to others. The programme is open to everyone, those who want to actively devote themselves to ministry or those who want to get a solid Bible foundation in order to continue studying at colleges, as well as those who wish to dedicate one year to personal spiritual growth.

Second year

The second-year school curriculum consists of seminars on various subjects, practical courses and practice experience. It is designed for the first year graduates who have the potential and a desire to seriously devote themselves to ministry.

Courses in areas of practical ministry and general theological education
• How to Study the Bible • Preaching • Working with Children and Youth • The Church • Literature
• Pastoral care • Solving Church Problems • Ethics • Working with New Converts • Counseling • Bioethics • Worship • Evangelising Children and Youth • Leadership • Systematic theology • Personal Evangelism • Hospice Ministry • Creative Evangelism • World Religions and Cults • Mission Perspective • History of Mission • Orthodox Church and Evangelical Christianity • Church History • Discipleship • Working with Youth • Marriage and Family • Ministry to the Disabled• Womens’ Work • Church planting • Humanitarian Work • Relationships in Church

Practical courses
• English • How to use Computers • Planning and Using Time • “Tent making” Business course

Practice experience – lasting 18 weeks in all, evenly spread over the school year