Christian Trust Belgrade

Humanitarian work

Some of the people who are now part of HUB started bringing humanitarian aid from Europe in 1993. During all those years of embargo they strenuously served those groups of people in our society that had the greatest needs. During the darkest period of our recent history they served our society and presented to the world a truer picture of the situation in Serbia and Montenegro. The aid, measured in tons, was directly given into the hands of the most needy. We always try to serve people sensitively and build friendships with them.

In the last fifteen years we have regularly visited Refugees’ Camps in Letenka, Iriški venac and Vrdnik, and have taken aid to the flood victims in Jasa Tomic whenever they needed it. Over the past several years we have regularly taken aid to the Kosovo refugees situated near Belgrade.

We have also helped a Daycare Centre for Developmentally Delayed Children in Sefkerin, Opovo Borough, by decorating the interior, providing work materials, transport, and staff etc.

Today, HUB still organises many humanitarian projects, helping socially deprived people in our community.

This is only a part of the activities that HUB is involved in. HUB and its team of workers, wish to be useful to the society in which we live. Our projects are many and varied, but in this work the aim of HUB is not to promote itself but to get involved in the practical aspect of ministry.

We support every effort for making our society better and built on the healthy foundations and Biblical principles, where we are taught to care for the people around us.

In everything we do we want to:

  • Help our society practically
  • Give dignity to those who are forgotten by society
  • Inform others about these needy situations