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By using any part of the HUB internet portal at the web site http://www.hub.org.rs, you automatically agree to follow the guidelines and policies that are posted on the site.

The visitors of this site are to read these rules regularly, and it is expected that they are familiar with the current rules of usage, and that the rules are completely understood.

It is not permitted to use any part of the HUB internet portal illegally or for promoting illegal purposes.

Christian Trust Belgrade Internet Portal

HUB internet portal found at site http://www.hub.org.rs is the official internet presentation of the Christian Trust Belgrade.
HUB is offering the contents of this site with a good intention. All the visitors have the right to use its content free of charge if they are not violating its terms of use.
The HUB internet portal consists of their own contents, partners’ contents and links to outer sites.


The HUB has the copyright on all official data and content (written text, visual and audio materials). Using any part of the portal without permission is considered as violation of the copyright of the site hub.org.rs and will be a subject for the lawsuit.
It is allowed to view and print the contents of the site hub.org.rs, and distribute the documents solely for the sake of gathering information and non-commercial usage by individuals. The data found on the web site hub.org.rs are not to be tampered with, sold or published. The news, service information, announcements, statements and other documents marked as public may be used in public communication under the condition that the source hub.org.rs is quoted.
You accept to remunerate and pay the fines to the owners of the copyright, and the givers and the users of the license of hub.org.rs if you fail to fulfil the rules of usage.
If you send any kind of communication material to hub.org.rs by electronic or other means, the material will be considered as public and without copyright.
If you think hub.org.rs abused your copyright the case will be reconsidered and the mentioned contents will be excluded from the site as soon as the accusations are proven to be truth.

Links to outer web pages

hub.org.rs has links to web pages out of its own site.
The HUB put links with good intention, and it cannot be responsible for the contents of those links out of its own portal. Those web pages are out of our liability and we are not responsible for their content, performance and quality.

User data

hub.org.rs will use the data obtained from the users while using the site in the best intentions, it will neither distribute, nor sell personal information, except with the agreement of the user.
hub.org.rs, according to the law, is allowed to gather information on users obtained while using the site (information about the computer and internet provider exclusively) or the information filled in the forms found on the site.
hub.org.rs has an obligation neither to sell nor to distribute personal data from the web site such as e-mail address, without the permission of the owner.
hub.org.rs is obliged to keep the privacy of the users of the site, except in cases of breaking the rules of the site and abusing this site by illegal activities of a user.

Protection of the information

Transfer of the data via Internet is never completely secure. Any message or information you send to hub.org.rs might be hacked into. Do not give your password to others. Also, if you share a computer, log off the hub.org.rs and close the search window after you finish.

Age limitations

Everyone is permitted to use the web site hub.org.rs and all its contents regardless of age. If you want to participate and have access to certain parts of our site hub.org.rs , for example, Forum or subscribe to the Mailing list, you have to be a registered member.

Appropriate conduct

If you want to send us certain content or add your own comments, you give us the right to correct, copy, distribute and make new combinations, and show the content in any form or media we want. You are also responsible for all your activities at the site hub.org.rs . Below are listed some of the offends that may cause prohibition of using the site hub.org.rs :
* Posting illegal, inappropriate and rude content.
* Harassing, threating or embarrasing other users.
* Posting or allowing distribution of the content that is rude, with bad intentions, threatening, harassing, attacking, racial, ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually direct, impolite or condemned by public.
* Using vulgar or offensive language.
* Using false identity (it is not allowed to use someone else’s name).
* Attempt to use someone else’s password
* Posting advertisements.
* Transferring viruses or other dangerous contents.
* Trying to block the site hub.org.rs.
We have the right to change or remove our contents any time, including, but not only the content that does not respect the above listed set of rules. We are not responsible for any impropriate content you might find using the web site hub.org.rs .

Remuneration and not accepting the guilt

You are using all the contents of hub.org.rs on your own responsibility and risk. Christian Trust Belgrade cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur by using the site. This includes a direct, accidental, consequential, indirect or penalty damage which is a result of your using the site hub.org.rs . you are fully responsible for all the consequences that may occur while using the web site.
We did our best to provide the accurate information given on hub.org.rs . Nevertheless, concerning the type of media and the risk of hacking, we cannot bear the responsibility as we have stated above.
hub.org.rs (including the content and functions available or accessible via our portal) is allowed “as it is” and “as it is available”. Till maximum measure given by law, including the content of hub.org.rs , Christian Trust Belgrade do not give any for statements or guarantees:
(1) regarding accuracy and reliability, way of use or any other violation in the content which was posted or available on the site;
(2) that the server that contains the site is virusless and without any other components that might infect, influence or cause damage on your computer equipment or other equipment when you enter, search, download or use hub.org.rs in any other way.

Christian Trust Belgrade cannot be responsible for any significant, direct, accidental, indirect, penalty or special damage caused by:
(a) use,
(b) imposiblity to use or
(c) mistakes or failures in content or functions of the site

General regulations

The terms and conditions and any other additional terms given on hub.org.rs , make a complete contract between the owner of the rights of the web site hub.org.rs and you, regarding your use of the site. The impossibility of the owner to immediately ask for fulfilment of any regulation will not mean that they will not ask for their rights to be fully completed later in time. Delays will not mean that they gave up. In case of giving up the fulfilment of the rights by the owner of the copyright of hub.org.rs, it will be clearly stated so in the written form. The terms and conditions will be defined and applied according to the law of the Republic of Serbia.

Information about contact

If you had any problems concerning the web site hub.org.rs, send us an e-mail.

Modification and change of terms and conditions

hub.org.rs keeps the right to occasionally change or modify the terms and conditions without prior notification.